Lusitano Champions

Lusitano Champions

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Ficha do Livro

Autor(a): Vários
Publicado: 01/01/2005
172 páginas | Capa Dura | Ilustrado | 250x320x18 mm
ISBN: 978-9-727971-06-0

Sinopse do Livro

The main objective of this book, whose technical responsibility is the Portuguese Association of Purebred Horse Breeders Lusitanian (APSL), is to concentrate in a single publication all the results of the Model and Stroke contests held from 1966 to 2003, as well as all the results obtained in various competitions carried out in accordance with the rules of the Portuguese Equestrian Federation and in the Teaching, Driving and Obstacles modalities and also in the Portuguese Equestrian Races and in the National, European and World Riding and Field Trials and Championships organized by APSL and organizations in other countries where the modality is practiced.

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